Suspension Department


Coppersmith is an industry leader in motorcycle suspension performance & lab procedure.  Servicing all major brands ÖHLINS, WP, KYB, SHOWA, & Marzocchi

Quality Workmanship & Parts Priced Right!

Your shock and fork fluid should be changed on a regular maintenance schedule. Suspension oils break down like engine oils. Once the oil breaks down, it is only a matter of time before internal parts start to wear, and damage.  (We use Specific fluids that are necessary for proper function and performance of your Shock and Pressurized Cartridge Kits)

Recommended Fluid Change of off road suspension components at 20-30 hour intervals


Service prices below include shop supplies, nitrogen, and oil disposal.  Wear parts & oil are sold separately.

Shock Service:

Service (with vacuum fill) $99*


Fork Service:

Standard Outer Chamber Service $99*

Add $69* for Cartridge / Inner Chamber Style Fork

Re-Valve (includes service):

Shock: $99*

Fork: $99*

Add $69* for Cartridge / Inner Chamber Style Fork

Copper Kit Suspension

A Kit $1999 & B Kit $899

Parts & Oils:

  • Maxima Racing Synthetic Oil $19.95 per liter
  • OEM Oil $34.95 per liter
  • SKF Shock Seal Head Assembly $63.99
  • SKF Fork Seals/Scrapers $67.98
  • SKF Fork Rebuild Kit (includes 4 seals / 4 bushings) $89.99
  • OEM Seals / Bushings are in stock and available upon request


* If requested, we will ship a box to your house with a return label to our service center. *

 Additional Work:  Other technical services available upon request, or when necessary.  R & R tubes, shafts, end eye, clevis, bearings, Ohlins Cartridge Kit install, exc.

  • High Quality PARTS, OILS, & LUBRICANTS

Track-side Service

Any service listed is available in-house at our Akron shop or track-side through any of our mobile service labs.  Throughout the year we visit numerous locations, you can most likely find us at National Enduros, National Motocross, Supercross, local MX and enduro events, and everything in between.